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With the lack of cats and dogs outside, we tend to have a lot of wildlife around the office.  We got a close-up of this skink today who really digs the sunshine and bricks.

Tree Frog Another Sign of Spring

Signs of Spring are showing up all around the Four Rivers Region. During this morning’s rain, we snapped a photo of this guy hanging out on our door step.

We see tree frogs often around here, but this one was one of the biggest we’ve seen in our backyard.

To find out more about the different types of amphibians in Kentucky, check out this resource from Murray State University.

In Focus: The Red Wolf

red wolf
The resident red wolf at Woodlands Nature Station in Land Between The Lakes

The Woodlands Nature Station in Land Between The Lakes is home to many native animals.  The red wolf, which was native to our area at one time, is one of the center’s residents.  It’s a little difficult sometimes to capture this elusive animal since he seems to prefer his den.  However, last weekend, we were able to snap this photo of him through the fence.

In Focus: The Chain at Columbus

Columbus Chain
The sunlight reflects off one of the Columbus-Belmont State Park’s chain links. This large chain once stretched across the Mississippi River during the Civil War.

Columbus-Belmont State Park in Columbus, Ky. features many Civil War artifacts. One of the most prominent is a large chain and anchor  which was used to prevent Union boats from traveling down the Mississippi River.