Abandoned places tell a story.  Some places have great history while others are cloaked in mystery.

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The hotel located at Danville.

Danville, Tennessee

The creation of Kentucky Lake in the 1940s put a lot of things underwater.  Farms, homes, businesses, roads, railroads, cemeteries and entire communities.  Danville, Tennessee was one of the communities that permanently  flooded when the Tennessee River was impounded to create Kentucky Lake. 

The former site of Danville is located near present-day McKinnon. The story of Danville is unique with the fact that two large structures of the former town still remain – the abandoned and partially removed L&N Railroad bridge and the transfer elevator.


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Hardin Southern Railroad

Hardin Southern Railroad locomotive switching just north of Murray. Source of photo unknown.

The Hardin Southern Railroad was a nostalgic passenger train that ran along about eight miles of track between Hardin and Murray, Ky.  The railroad wound its way along the Clark’s River valley through dense forests and farmland.  The train began operations in 1993 and ceased in 2004.


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Birmingham, Kentucky

Birmingham, Kentucky
Birmingham, Kentucky during the 1930s. Source: TVA

Overview of Birmingham, Ky.

Birmingham, Kentucky was the most notable community affected by the creation of Kentucky Lake.  The town of several hundred people was situated on the banks of the Tennessee River in Marshall County, Kentucky.

For reasons not known to us, the town didn’t relocate in the early 1940s when TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) built a dam on the Tennessee River.  The town was flooded permanently under several feet of water. 


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"Hotel California" in Land Between The Lakes as seen in 2013.

Hotel California in Land Between The Lakes

It’s hard to get to do things you want to do when you have a couple of kiddos to take care of.  One of my favorite pastimes was to head out and explore Land Between The Lakes with my wife.  Then when our children arrived, those opportunities became far and few between.  But I love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything.


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