Here are some of our favorite places we have explored in the Four Rivers Region.

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Hematite Dam has spillways that are beautiful - but the main attraction is the 2.2 mile hiking trail that surrounds the lake.

Hematite Lake

One could say Hematite Lake is a well-kept secret, but locals know it as a beautiful place to hike just about any time of the year.

Hematite Lake is located near Lake Barkley in Land Between The Lakes, about 15 minutes north of either the Lake Barkley Bridge at Canton or the Golden Pond Visitors Center.


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Mantle Rock in Livingston County, Ky.

Mantle Rock Nature Preserve

Mantle Rock is, without a doubt, one of the best-kept secrets in western Kentucky.  This natural wonder is hidden away on publicly accessible land just off Highway 133 near the community of Joy.

Located in Livingston County, 34 miles north of Grand Rivers, Mantle Rock is an incredible sight, considering most of land in this part of Kentucky is relatively flat.  But not here.  Mantle Rock is the largest freestanding arch east of the Mississippi River, spanning 188 feet in length and rising 30 feet from the ground. 


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