Features that don’t quite fit anywhere else on our site, but definitely deserve recognition is what Terts & Quats is all about.  The phrase derives from tertiary features (Terts) and fourth-importance (quaternary or “Quats”) articles found in publications.  Here, it’s just “everything else” and is just as good as the other stuff on Four Rivers Explorer.

Does Elsewhere, Kentucky Exist?
The story of Elsehwere, Kentucky suggests the town was once located in the Blood River bottoms.

Does Elsewhere, Kentucky Exist?

In 2015, Seamus Coffey, a Calloway County, Kentucky resident wrote a sensational horror story on Reddit and on ThoughtCatalog.com about a town called Elsewhere, Kentucky. The story is written from…

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Soldier Creek B-29 Bomber Crash Memorial
A memorial to the nine crew members who lost their lives is shown at Soldier Creek Church.

Soldier Creek B-29 Bomber Crash Memorial

A B-29 “Superfortress” bomber crashed on July 1, 1945 in southwest Marshall County, Kentucky near the Brewers community.  One of the ten crew members lived to tell about it.The B-29,…

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Cave-in-Rock Ferry

The Cave-in-Rock Ferry was a bonus when visiting Cave-in-Rock, Illinois recently.  The ferry, which doesn’t cost anything to ride, is the only Ohio River crossing for dozens of miles.

It was our first time using a ferry and it was rather interesting.  We were a bit nervous pulling up on the ferry, but many of the other cars around us seemed to know what they were doing.


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