Features that don’t quite fit anywhere else on our site, but definitely deserve recognition is what Terts & Quats is all about.  The phrase derives from tertiary features (Terts) and fourth-importance (quaternary or “Quats”) articles found in publications.  Here, it’s just “everything else” and is just as good as the other stuff on Four Rivers Explorer.

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An artifact on display at Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Park.

Wickliffe Mounds

Nearly 1,000 years ago, Native Americans settled on a large hill overlooking the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  With no writings, the history of the people is not…

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Fort Defiance Park, where the Mississippi and Ohio rivers converge.

Fort Defiance Park

Fort Defiance Park in Cairo, Illinois, marks one of the world’s most important river confluences – the Ohio and Mississippi.  On a typical day, 4.4 million gallons of water merge…

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