The Timeline.  It’s incomplete and will never be finished.  But it is a start, attempting to present key events in the Four Rivers Region.  Additions are always happening here.  Enjoy!

Apr 11

Fort Jefferson, Kentucky

Construction begins on Fort Jefferson with the civilian town of Clarksville, Kentucky.  Soldiers and townsfolk abandoned the area the following year due to hostilities and lack of provisions.

Oct 25

Port Royal, Tennessee

The town of Port Royal officially incorporates, although European explorers and traders were here as early as the 1600s.

Oct 19

The Birth of Jackson’s Purchase

Jackson’s Purchase is negotiated with the Chickasaw Indians by Andrew Jackson and Isaac Shelby, obtaining land from the Mississippi River to the Tennessee River.

Oct 15

Boyd’s Landing, Kentucky

The first post office was established in Boyd’s Landing, Kentucky (now Canton), with settlements here dating back to 1799.

Dec 19

Hickman County, Kentucky

The Kentucky General Assembly approves the creation of Hickman County, encompassing all of Jackson’s Purchase in Kentucky.

Nov 03

Calloway County, Kentucky

Calloway County is the second formed in the Jackson Purchase, splitting from Hickman County.

Aug 30

Canton, Kentucky

Canton, Kentucky’s first post office established after the town incorporated the year before.  Previously known as Boyd’s Landing.

Jan 15

Graves County, Kentucky

Graves County, Kentucky forms from Hickman County, the third such county in the Jackson Purchase.

Mar 12

Wadesboro, Kentucky

The first post office opens in Calloway County at Wadesboro, the county seat.  The first settlers arrived there around 1818.

Mar 21

McCracken County, Kentucky

The first McCracken County Court was held in Wilmington.

Jan 01

Wilmington, Kentucky

The town of Wilmington, Kentucky is officially established, the first seat of McCracken County.

May 20

Feliciana, Kentucky

The first post office is established in Feliciana, which has a wild tale of how the town got its name.

Jan 01

Bear Spring Furnace Opens

The first Bear Spring Furnace opens for business in 1830, although the exact date is unknown.

Feb 16

New Concord, Kentucky

After establishing a post office two years prior, New Concord incorporates as a town.

Feb 06

Callowaytown, Kentucky

The town of Callaway is officially incorporated by the Kentucky General Assembly, later to be known as Callowaytown.

Feb 15

Ballard County, Kentucky

Ballard County, Kentucky is formed from the western portion of McCracken County and part of Hickman County.

Jun 07

Marshall County, Kentucky

Due to an influx of population into Calloway County, the Kentucky General Assembly carved Marshall County out of Calloway.

Jan 01

Blandville, Kentucky

The community of Blandville was picked as the Ballard County seat in 1842 with incorporation officially happening on this date.

Jan 15

Fulton County, Kentucky

Fulton County, Kentucky was created out of Hickman County.

Apr 27

Clarks River, Kentucky

The first post office of Clarks River, Kentucky, a community in Calloway County opens.  The location is somewhat disputed.

Dec 28
Golden Pond

Golden Pond, Kentucky

The first post office was established in Golden Pond.  The town was eradicated with the creation of Land Between The Lakes in the 1960s.

Jul 24

Shiloh, Kentucky

The first post office is established at Shiloh with the town incorporating in 1876.

Jun 19

Olive, Kentucky

After residing shortly at nearby Bishop’s Mills, the post office moved two miles northwest and was renamed Olive.

Feb 27

Birmingham, Kentucky

The town of Birmingham, Kentucky is officially established, which today is under Kentucky Lake.

Apr 04

Linton, Kentucky

After being known as Olive’s Landing and Shipsport, the town of Linton incorporates in Trigg County.

Sep 30

Camp Beauregard Established

Nearly 3,000 men arrived at this Confederate training camp, which for six months, was riddled with disease and atrocities.

Jan 26

Henrietta County, Kentucky

Kentucky lawmakers passed a bill creating Henrietta County, Kentucky, but voters in Trigg County killed the measure.

Feb 05
Old Kuttawa

Kuttawa, Kentucky

Kuttawa, Kentucky is incorporated by the Kentucky General Assembly.  Parts of the original town are now under Lake Barkley.

Apr 19

Star Lime Works, Kentucky

A post office opens up at Star Lime Works, site of a large quarry and is now partially submerged by Kentucky Lake.

Nov 07

Backusburg, Kentucky

The first post office known as “Backusburgh” is established, named after Asa Backus, who opened grist mill here in 1869.

Jan 01

Graves County Atlas Published

A detailed atlas is published of Graves County in 1880 (exact date unknown), showing landowners, roads, towns and much more.

May 03

Carlisle County, Kentucky

The creation of Carlisle County was the last in the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky, splitting from Hickman County.

Jul 12

Model, Tennessee

The first post office known as “Model” begins.  Other post offices were here prior to the Civil War, one known as “Bass”.

Oct 06

First Train Arrives in Murray

Although this exact date conflicts with another resource, the first train arrived in Murray in 1890.

Dec 19

Dexter, Kentucky

A post office was established at Dexter, Kentucky, after the completion of the new railroad, marking the beginning of the community.

Mar 23

Bear Spring, Tennessee

Although seeing significant economic activity since 1830, the first post office opens in Bear Spring, Tennessee.

Jun 10

Faxon, Kentucky

The first post office at Faxon, Kentucky opened with George A. Hale as postmaster and lasted for 15 years.

Apr 28

Tennessee & Cumberland Railroad Opens

The first train heads down the new Tennessee & Cumberland River Railroad, but closed 23 years later.

May 30
Wooldridge Monuments

Wooldridge Monuments

Colonel Henry G. Wooldridge is buried at his Wooldridge Monuments, called “The Strange Procession Which Never Moves”.

Mar 09

The Cadiz Railroad

The Cadiz Railroad incorporates and is completed the following year.

Aug 06

The Abandoned Cross Creeks Bridge Opens

The now-abandoned Cross Creeks Bridge opens for traffic.

Oct 19

Blood to Newburg, Kentucky

After being known as Newburg, Williams Ferry, Warburg, and Blood, the post office at this location adopted Newburg as its name on this date.

Jun 07

Jefferson Davis Monument Opens

The 351-foot Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, Kentucky opens to the public.

Aug 29

Cerulean Springs Hotel Burns

The famous Cerulean Springs Hotel burned, which was a popular spot for travelers for decades before automobiles.

Mar 25

First Eggners Ferry Bridge Opens

The first Eggners Ferry Bridge opens to traffic, spanning the Tennessee River at Aurora, Kentucky.

Jul 10

Raising of Eggners Ferry Bridge Begins

Construction crews closed the Eggners Ferry Bridge for seven months to raise the bridge’s height by 22 to 25 feet to make room for Kentucky Lake.

Jul 01

B-29 Bomber Crashes in Marshall County

Nine of ten crew members aboard a B-29 bomber perished when it crashed in southwestern Marshall County.

Mar 05

Pasty Cline Plane Crash Near Camden

Pasty Cline’s airplane crashed near Camden, Tennessee, causing the famous 30-year old singer to lose her life along with three others.

Aug 20
Barkley Dam

Barkley Dam is Dedicated

Barkley Dam is officially dedicated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The project began in 1957 with the lock operational in 1964.

Mar 22
Golden Pond

Golden Pond, Kentucky Disappears

The post office closed on this date as part of the elimination of Golden Pond, Kentucky, by TVA for the creation of Land Between The Lakes.

Nov 01

Discovery Park of America Opens

The 50-acre Discovery Park of America opens to the public in Union City, Tenn.

Apr 08

Second Eggners Ferry Bridge Opens

Traffic moves to the new Eggners Ferry Bridge, replacing the original 84-year-old bridge across Kentucky Lake.