Off The Beaten Path

If you are bored and looking for something different to experience, look no further.  Four Rivers Explorer presents “Off The Beaten Path” – featuring places that aren’t typically the first thing to come to mind when looking for a destination or a quick boredom fix.

    Cerulean Springs

    It took a little while to find the location of the spring.

    We recently visited the site of Cerulean Springs in Trigg County, Kentucky.  The natural phenomena of the spring's color and the history surrounding it are quite interesting.


    Discoveries While Exploring The Shorelines of Lake Barkley

    Lake Barkley recently turned 50.  The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) built Barkley Dam on the Cumberland River near Grand Rivers in the early 1960s.  The dam birthed Lake Barkley - a shallow sister of Kentucky Lake, just a few miles east of its sibling.


    My Favorite Campsite in LBL May Be Haunted

    Many years ago my wife and I along with some friends of ours had a favorite spot to camp in Land Between The Lakes (LBL).  It was one of those spots that you didn’t want to tell people about because it was that good.

    We had visited this spot a few times for a nice evening by the fire or to spend the night in a tent.   Beautiful scenery, isolation and the gentle lapping of Lake Barkley all provided the ingredients for a perfect outdoor getaway.

    However, our secluded spot became a place of uncertainty and fright.


    Asbury Cemetery: Unusual Sights & Ghostly Tales

    Asbury Cemetery in Calloway County, Kentucky is one of the most prominent “haunted” graveyards in the region.  Ask any long-time resident of Murray or Calloway County and they will have a story about the cemetery, either personal experiences or one they heard.