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The old Kentucky Woodlands Wildlife Refuge headquarters still stands.

Kentucky Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

I found another old building in LBL, tucked away and mostly forgotten about in the northern part of Empire Point.  It’s important to dive into the backstory of this building before I go on.

Before Land Between The Lakes came into existence in the 1960s, a large chunk of the lands along and north of US 68 were already a wildlife refuge, known as the Kentucky Woodlands Wildlife Refuge.


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Hematite Dam has spillways that are beautiful - but the main attraction is the 2.2 mile hiking trail that surrounds the lake.

Hematite Lake

One could say Hematite Lake is a well-kept secret, but locals know it as a beautiful place to hike just about any time of the year.

Hematite Lake is located near Lake Barkley in Land Between The Lakes, about 15 minutes north of either the Lake Barkley Bridge at Canton or the Golden Pond Visitors Center.


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