TVA Land Acquisition Maps

The Kentucky Dam project was the largest and most ambitious from the new deal era of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  The creation of Kentucky Lake would take years of planning…

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Pine Bluff, Tennessee
Pine Bluff today, taken from a boat.

Pine Bluff, Tennessee

John Wayne, the Hollywood legend who starred in dozens of films, is directly tied to Pine Bluff, Tennessee.  The story is quite amazing, but first, we need a quick overview…

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Old Danville Transfer Elevator
Danville Transfer Elevator

Old Danville Transfer Elevator

We’ve always enjoyed experiencing and seeing the oddities of the Four Rivers region. That’s why this site, Four Rivers Explorer, exists.  But before we began this site, we had a section of our main tourism site, Explore Kentucky Lake, that was dedicated to the unusual and lesser-known aspects of our area.  We called the section “Explorations”.


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