Pine Bluff Ferry

After waiting well over a year, some photos we ordered from the National Archives taken by the Tennessee Valley Authority finally came in a few weeks ago.

This particular set of photos, likely never seen online, show the Pine Bluff Ferry at the landing site in Calloway County on August 14, 1939.  Of particular interest is the small building, which is likely a store, with advertisements for Murray Lumber and the Bank of Murray.  There’s also an old gas pump in one of the photos.

These are great historical photos and we hope you enjoy them.

Landing area showing buildings, a billboard for Murray Lumber, and an old gas pump.
A close-up view of the buildings showing billboards for Murray Lumber at the Bank of Murray. The Tennessee River is the background.
Just some trees with the landing in the background.
Not entirely sure the importance of this photo, but decided to post regardless.

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