Old Dogtown Road Bridge

In the Clark’s River bottoms on Dogtown Road in Marshall County, Ky. lies an abandoned bridge that dates back to 1919.

The bridge crosses Clark’s River and has a length of 102 feet.  It was built in 1919 along Dogtown Road during a time when the road was an important link between Benton and Aurora Landing on the Tennessee River (now Kentucky Lake).

The old bridge as seen from the current bridge on Dogtown Road.

The old one-lane bridge has a concrete deck, but may have been wooden when it was built over 100 years ago.  We aren’t sure when the bridge closed, but considering a large tree stands in the middle of the bridge’s approach, it hasn’t seen a car for decades.

Bridges across large creeks or small rivers like Clark’s River aren’t cheap.  Considering a crossing was established here (and perhaps even before this bridge) proves the road was important for travelers – both in cars, horses, wagons and even stagecoaches.

Overgrowth is slowly taking over the old bridge.

If you have any information on the old Dogtown Road bridge in Marshall County, please share it with us.

An old reflector plate located on the bridge support.
Barricades were placed decades ago keeping vehicles from crossing the old bridge.
Close up of the old bridge's rusty railing.

Location of the Old Dogtown Road Bridge

The bridge is located about five miles southeast of Benton on Dogtown Road.

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