Old L&N Trail Depot in Murray

Rail service first arrived in Murray in 1890 when a leg of the L&N Railroad was built from Paris, Tenn. to Paducah. A passenger depot served the city for decades and residents could catch a train and go just about anywhere in the country.

The old L&N Depot was built in 1926 at a cost of $30,000 and provided service for passengers until 1951. It was common for people to hop on board and ride from Murray to Hazel or Paris for less than $1.

In 2019, the old depot became condemned and was torn down in July. All that remains now is a concrete slab.

A postcard from 1986 showing the old railroad depot.
The band plays for the Murray State football team as they board a passenger train in Murray in 1936. The depot can be seen in the far left. Photo from MSU yearbook.

Location of Old Depot

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