Old L&N Trail Depot in Murray

Rail service first arrived in Murray in 1890 when a leg of the L&N Railroad was built from Paris, Tenn. to Paducah. A passenger depot served the city for decades and residents could catch a train and go just about anywhere in the country.

The old L&N Depot was built sometime in the early 1900s and provided service for passengers until 1951. It was common for people to hop on board and ride from Murray to Hazel or Paris for less than $1.

In 2019, the old depot became condemned and was torn down in July. All that remains now is a concrete slab.

A postcard from 1986 showing the old railroad depot.
The band plays for the Murray State football team as they board a passenger train in Murray in 1936. The depot can be seen in the far left. Photo from MSU yearbook.

Location of Old Depot

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