Kuttawa, Kentucky
This photo from the US National Archives shows the main drag in Kuttawa in 1939.

Kuttawa, Kentucky

This small town located on the northern shores of Lake Barkley in Lyon County, Kentucky continues to thrive, thanks to its close proximity to Interstates 24 & 69 as well…

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Exploring The Ruins Of Old Kuttawa
Old Kuttawa

Exploring The Ruins Of Old Kuttawa

Kuttawa, KY
The breaker wall which lies on top of old US 62/641 and the Illinois Central Railroad

When Lake Barkley reaches winter pool each fall, the remains of Old Kuttawa, Kentucky emerge.  A thriving town of several hundred in the early part of the 20th century, a good part of the old city is now buried under the waters of Lake Barkley.

Old Kuttawa called the Cumberland River its home, fixed on its northern shores.   Founded right after the Civil War in 1866 by Ohio Governor Charles Anderson, who served a short five-month term as the head of the state, the origin of the town’s name is disputed.


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