Kuttawa, Kentucky

This small town located on the northern shores of Lake Barkley in Lyon County, Kentucky continues to thrive, thanks to its close proximity to Interstates 24 & 69 as well as reaping the benefits of the regional tourist appeal.

A Brief History of Kuttawa

Former governor of Ohio Charles Anderson founded the town on some land he acquired in 1866. The community originally spelled it’s name “Cuttawa” and “Kittawa.” Reportedly Kuttawa received its name from a nearby Cherokee village, but we aren’t aware of any firm evidence to support this. The town incorporated in 1872

The majority of the town, like it’s sister community Eddyville to the east, relocated 60 years ago with the creation of Lake Barkley. Parts of old Kuttawa still exists with beautiful homes lining up and down Lake Barkley Drive, which used to be US 62. The rest of the old town lies under Lake Barkley, which we recently featured in “Exploring the Ruins of Old Kuttawa“.

Location of Kuttawa 

Today most of Kuttawa is situated on US 62/641 and also on Interstate 24/69.

This USGS Topography Map from 1931 shows Kuttawa before most of it became inundated by Lake Barkley.

Kuttawa Population

1880:  294
1900:  858
1920:  850
1940:  1,125
1960:  635
1970:  453
1980:  560
1990:  535
2000:  596
2010:  649

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