Dogtown, Kentucky

One of the more peculiar names for a community in the Four Rivers Region, Dogtown is located on Kentucky 1445 (Dogtown Road) just southeast of Benton.

History of Dogtown

It’s unknown to us how Dogtown received its name, and researching the matter has turned up nothing.  It doesn’t appear a post office was ever established here, although the community is located on one of the oldest roads in Marshall County. At one time the community featured a small grocery store with gas that has be closed for a long time.  Also, during the 1980s (and perhaps before) a popular pay-lake was located here with folks being able to fish for catfish and pay for them by the pound.

In 1954, state highway officials improved the old Dogtown road and built Kentucky 1445.  You can see the old highway plans with landowners’ information here.

The community of Walnut Grove is located just southeast of Dogtown on the same highway.

Location of Dogtown


If you have any historical information to contribute or maybe if you have some insights on it’s unique name, please contact us.

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