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Old Maps Overlaying Today’s Reveal Big Changes

The United States Geological Survey has a great online mapping feature that is quite addicting and can suck you in for a while.

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Empire Farm in Land Between The Lakes

Empire Farm is an abandoned farming educational and demonstration area in Land Between The Lakes.  Empire Farm once served as the headquarters of the Kentucky Woodlands National Wildlife Refuge in the 1930s.  The refuge covered large swaths of land in the northern portion of present-day Land Between The Lakes.

When Land Between The Lakes became a National Recreation Area in the 1960s, Empire Farm became an agricultural education center until sometime in the 1980s.  The fields today are still maintained by cooperative farmers, but the buildings and barns have been abandoned for quite some time.

Crystal Akers recently sent us these photos of her own personal exploration of Empire Farm.  If you want to explore this area for yourself, see the Google Map below the photos for directions.

Photos of Empire Farm

Thanks again to Crystal Akers for the great photos.

Location of Empire Farm

This area is located in the northeastern part of Land Between The Lakes near the abandoned Silo Overlook.

Old Canton Gas Station

While exploring the historic community of Canton, we discovered this abandoned filling station on the old main drag through town.

A sign painted across the top of the windows and garage door read “Tires,  Free Air & Accessories.”  The building had a marker near the top proclaiming to be constructed by the Masons in 1919.

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Discoveries While Exploring The Shorelines of Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley recently turned 50.  The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) built Barkley Dam on the Cumberland River near Grand Rivers in the early 1960s.  The dam birthed Lake Barkley – a shallow sister of Kentucky Lake, just a few miles east of its sibling.

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The Life & Death of Golden Pond, Kentucky

Let’s face it – moving can be painful.  Chances are everyone reading this article has moved at least once in their lifetime.  Kids move out and get married.  Newlyweds move from apartment to apartment or to their first home.  Sometimes folks will upgrade homes and move to a bigger house to accommodate their expanding family.

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Center Furnace in Land Between The Lakes

In the mid-1800s, the iron ore industry exploded in the area known as “Between the Rivers.”  With its prime location due to its close proximity to the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers, the industry flourished.  These rivers were the best way to transport goods since railroads did not exist in this area at that time.

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Honker Lake in Land Between The Lakes

It’s no secret that Land Between The Lakes (LBL) is an adventurer’s playground.  Opportunities for hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, camping and exploring abound.  Honker Lake is one of the most scenic spots in LBL, offering beautiful views year around and chances to see the area’s abundant wildlife.

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Canton, Kentucky

Canton is located along US 68 on Lake Barkley in Trigg County, Kentucky.  It is an unincorporated community that contains some residences and a few businesses that cater to local tourists.

History of Canton

Canton’s modern-day roots can be traced back to 1799.  Abraham Boyd and his part were the first settlers.  This area was the first community in Trigg County.  From North Carolina, his people developed the town known as Boyd’s Landing.  A horse-powered mill, cotton gin, and warehouse became the center of a thriving shipping location due to its location – right on the banks of the Cumberland River.

A post office was established here on October 15, 1820 with George A. Gordon serving as postmaster.  In 1823, Boyd laid out the town he called Canton and the post office was renamed in August of that year.  The origin of the name Canton is unknown, although it has been suggested it is named for a seaport in China.

Native American Settlements

Canton is also the site of two different Native American settlements.  One to the north of US 68, known as the “Canton Site”, dates to the Mississippian period, or about 1,000 A.D.  Evidence of this site includes notched arrowheads, pieces of ceramic, and strong evidence of a permanent home-like structure.

Recently, a newly-discovered site was unearthed at the Lake Barkley bridge project, just a few feet south of the existing US 68 highway, right on the shores of Lake Barkley.  Sharp stone tools, spear points, scrapers and abundant stone flakes were found in the dig.  The shaping of the tools produced the stone flakes.  This site dates back to 8,000 to 6,000 B.C. during the Early Archaic period.

Location of Canton


Canton is located on US 68 / KY 80 about nine miles west of Cadiz. The community is located on the eastern shores of Lake Barkley.

The GPS Coordinates are 36.7989568,-87.9696112

Canton Contributions

Four Rivers Explorer is always a work in progress, including this section.  If you have any information you would like to share about Canton, please contact us.

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