How Linton, Kentucky Got Its Name

Shortly after writing the feature on Linton, Kentucky, I discovered a clue regarding how Linton, Kentucky got its name. The community was first known as Olive’s Landing, and then Shipsport, before incorporating as Linton in 1861.

An excerpt from Counties of Christian & Trigg, Kentucky by William Henry Perrin published in 1884 reads:

“It [Linton] being near Lineport, Tenn., a village through which the line dividing the States of Kentucky and Tennessee ran, the new town being near the old one, and also near the line of the two States, was consequently called Linetown on Linton.”

The “Linetown on Linton” doesn’t make much sense to me, but it offers a good explanation on the community’s namesake. Interestingly, a quick internet search turns nothing on Linetown, Tennessee.

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