Kentucky Dam Historical Photos

It’s always interesting to see local historical photos of Kentucky Lake before its creation.  These are no exception. Some of these are from the Kentucky Dam Visitor’s Center while others have unknown origins.

Above: Aerial of Gilbertsville, photo dated August 30, 1938. Kentucky Dam was built here. Photo source unknown.
Above: Gilbertsville with work beginning on Kentucky Dam (coffer dams visible near RR bridge and island)
Photo dated January 1940. Photo source unknown.
Above: Looking north toward Gilbertsville and the RR bridge. Photo source unknown and dated August 30, 1938.
Above: Gilbertsville on the banks of the Tennessee River. Photo source unknown, dated August 30, 1938.
Above: Downtown Gilbertsville. Photo source unknown.
Above: Train crossing the Tennessee River at Gilbertsville. Source unknown.
The original plans for Kentucky Dam.
Gilbertsville RR bridge before Kentucky Dam was created. Note the river appears to be flooded. Date unknown. Source TVA.
Above: Hwy 58 (Main Street) Birmingham, Kentucky, which is now inundated. Source TVA.
Kentucky Dam construction. Source TVA
Brandon’s Mill on Blood River in Calloway County before the lake was impounded. Source TVA.
Workers clear the Kentucky Lake reservoir, circa early 1940s. Source TVA.
Train crossing Kentucky Dam. The first train crossed in November 1944. Source TVA.
Construction of the lock at Kentucky Dam. Source TVA.
Probably the most impressive photo, provided by TVA.
Kentucky Dam Construction at night. You can see the turbines at the left of the photo. Source TVA.

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