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An aerial view of the US 68/KY 80 Corridor from around 2018 showing the different alignments.

Five Generations of Highways in Canton, Ky

The present-day US 68/KY 80 corridor has been an important route for more than two centuries.  With Canton’s modern history dating back over 200 years (not to mention the prehistoric era), it’s no wonder the main thoroughfare through this part of the county has changed a whopping five times.  Evidence of all five generations of this strategic route exists today.


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Old Canton Gas Station

While exploring the historic community of Canton, we discovered this abandoned filling station on the old main drag through town.

A sign painted across the top of the windows and garage door read “Tires,  Free Air & Accessories.”  The building had a marker near the top proclaiming to be constructed by the Masons in 1919.


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