TVA Land Acquisition Maps

The Kentucky Dam project was the largest and most ambitious from the new deal era of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  The creation of Kentucky Lake would take years of planning and hard work, not to mention the relocation of hundreds of families that lived in the future reservoir.

TVA produced detailed Land Acquisition Maps in 1938 and 1939 that displayed property lines, buildings, cemeteries, infrastructure and even fruit trees and picket fences.  These maps were necessary to acquire the land from residents to make way for the permanent flooding of the Tennessee River.

Mark Garland scanned several of these TVA Land Acquisition Maps and has graciously allowed us to provide them for viewing.  These are invaluable tools for genealogists and local history enthusiasts.  The maps represent the northern and central part of Kentucky Lake, from Kentucky Dam to Paris Landing, Tennessee.

Download & View the Maps

Use the key below to determine which map you would like to download, then click the corresponding number of the map.  The maps are high-resolution JPG images.

Map Numbers & Location:

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